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PrefaceThe Scientific Controversy

Chapter 1:  Universe's, Intelligent Design via Evolution (UIDE)                                       

Chapter 2:  Artificial Intelligence   

Chapter 3:  Mass-Wave Formula, Unified Theory of the Universe (WIT Particles)           

Chapter 4:  Mass-Wave Formula (Light Photon and Mass) Fairbairn's Hypothesis                                           

Chapter 5:  Is the Universe God? 

Chapter 6:  Rossum's Universal Robots ( R.U.R.) 

Chapter 7:  They Do Not Know That They Are Not Human.                                                        

Chapter 8:  Universe Always Was and Always Will Be  

Chapter 9:  Space Is Not a Vacuum 

Chapter 10:  The Universe Is  Expanding--But How?                                                                                              

Chapter 11: Energy Beams (ENERGY BEAM ©                                                      

Chapter 12: Expansion of the Universe, Time Has No Beginning or End                                                            

Chapter 13: Solar Storms and the CME's Reduction Velocity                               

Chapter 14: The First Light of Conscience in Humans                                  

Chapter 15: What Is the Mind's ID?

Chapter 16: Vortexes Everywhere From the So-called Black Hole to the Magnet  

Chapter 17: The Ageless (Eternal) Universe

Chapter 18: The Conscious Universe                                                                 

Chapter 19: Computer Software and the Human Brain; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intuitive Intelligence (II)

Chapter 20: Is Mathematics the Language of the Universe?

Chapter 21: Why Are We Humans Here on Earth?

Chapter 22:  Humans, Intelligent Design, and Evolutionary Theories of the Universe                                                         

Chapter 23: Religion Is the Opiate of the People  

Chapter 24: Fairbairn's Swimming Pool Experiments Mimic a Model of the ether (WIT) Particle Seas, of the Universe

Chapter 25:  The Human Sixth Sense in the Sphere of Data Transmission via  Super Down Load Techniques (SDR)                         

Chapter 26: Gravity Is Not an Attractive or Repelling Force, but It Appears So                      

Chapter 27: Magnetism and Vortexes, A Short Statement




    NASA view of the Universe towards deep space 

Chapter 1  

    International Space Station  

    Double Helix Nebula 

Chapter 3

    Active Galactic Nuclei AGN 

            Operational Helium Energy Beam       

        Chapter 4              

            Dimensional Analysis Simplified Graphic

            Standing wave around the wave-center 'particle'

            Graphic, and Photo's: Cerenkov's Light 

            Gaseous Ionic Oscillator (no tuned circuits).

            Pulse Generator Waveforms Gaseous Ionic Oscillator

            Practical Gaseous Ionic Oscillator Device 

        Chapter 7             

             Repliee Q1Expo (Japanese Robot)                               

             Scientific Historical Novel Lords of the Crescent  

        Chapter 9

             Milky Way Galaxy 

        Chapter 10 

             Hurricane Katrina,   

             Messier 81 Galaxy

             Saturn's South Poles Hurricane 

             Multiple Photos of Saturn's Hurricanes 

             Hurricane Claudette 

             Artist Drawing by NASA's, Chandra X-Ray, and  Euorpean Space Center Telescopes 

        Chapter 11

             Mass Radiation Device Laser Energy Beam, Patent 3,872,209, Fairbairn

             RF Energy Beam Test Facility at China Lake Naval Weapons Facility 

        Chapter 13   

            Sun's CME Mass Ejection 

        Chapter 17

             RF Energy Beam Directed into a Quartz Glass Tube 

             DC Helium Energy Beam© into Fresh Water Nitrate Generator 

        Chapter 21

             M-13's Position in the Star Field

        Chapter 22

              Sears Tower Chicago, Ill., USA 

        Chapter 24               

             Two spiral galaxies pass by each other like majestic ships in the night

             Three hurricanes from tropical depressions, in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico         

         Chapter 25              

             Hercules Constellation Showing M-13 Map Star Cluster Circled at Eight O'clock Dial 

              Jet aircraft breaking the sound barrier, V cone wake

              V Wave Conic Three Dimension FNAL Visual Media Services

              Sailing out of Key West, Florida's harbor with the Earth's atmospheric wind molecule

          Chapter 26

             Deep impact spacecraft copper ball crash landing target a comet.



The Scientific Controversy

Important guidance to the reader, from the author                                                                                                                                                     

One must read the entire book, without doing so the reader will never understand and absorbed its total theory. Selectively reading and quoting parts of individual chapters will hinder the reader's grasp for the theory of Universe's ether particle atmospheric existence, from the macroscopic to the microscopic. True, each chapter does communicate parts of the theory based on operational facts, photographs, equipment demonstrations, inventions, and conclusions accordingly.

The text in blue color, effect, or Cerenkov's1 are hyperlinks on line, or located on the UIDE 3 inch CD, and can be restored on the reader's computer by adding www or http: as required. The exponent refers the reader to the full computer on-line web address. (Refer to the book's References.)   

Five of the scientific ambiguities among many that puzzle the Earth's people and their scientists are:     

        #1. Does the Universe have an ether atmosphere (dark matter, dark energy, particles)?  

        #2. Is the Universe eternal? 

        #3. Was the Universe created out of nothing during a Big Bang? 

        #4. Did a God create the Universe?  

        #5. What is the origin of life ?

1.Does the Universe have an ether atmosphere (dark matter, dark energy, particles)?

NASA view of the Universe towards deep space 

The Universe is immense beyond all imagination of individual humans on Earth. One can see in the deep space photograph by NASA an obvious tilting of the galaxies at many different angles. This seems to infer that some background galaxies are on the surface of a transparent expanded globe. This globe probably is rotating; however, because of its size, perception of the rotational movement on Earth, in our Milky Way galaxy, is impossible to measure. Of course the Hubble camera was looking in one direction, so where are we with respect to the globe? My guess is in the outer shell of the globe through which we are now looking, the shell being very thick but transparent to various frequencies of radiation infra red (UV, visual light, X rays, gamma rays, micro waves, radio waves, etc).                                                      

Here is a deep space stereo-like photo 44 in part from NASA's Hubble space telescope. Imagine the points (when viewing this stereo photo) that I have pointed out earlier, for a rotating Universe. The red shift can also be viewed, at the yellow galaxy indicating rotation.  Hubble and its replacement JWT telescopes are capable of, generating stereoscopic time-lapsed 3D photos. I also wish to point out that if the earth were transparent and if one could see through the earth at the various hurricanes, tornado etc. on the so call transparent globe. We could also see through the earth to hurricanes on the other side--the same for a rotating Universe. These hurricanes are similar to galaxies. The hurricanes and tornados on a transparent earth would viewed at all angles similar to the stereo photo I have referenced. They are in the earth's thin atmosphere which is also particle like. As the earth is part of the Universe's globe, we can not see the entire globe; however, we can see the Universe's in depth curvature.

Observation of the red shift exhibited less red shift than expected, indicating that the expansion of the Universe across the globe's surface is speeding up. It also implies that the Universe is rotating. A rotating Universe would be gyroscopic, the source of gravity ,g, on Earth. (Refer to Chapter 26).  Where are the galaxies of the Universe going? (Refer to the red shift in the distant white dwarf supernova, SN 1997ff, as a bright nova next to the yellow galaxy at the lower left of the above photo.) There appears to be an area in the center of this photo (left to right) that is dark. What this means is important; however, I am not sure of the results of this observation.

While galaxies expand across its surface in all directions, the see-through effect might indicate galaxies are farther away than the foreground surface because they reside on the opposite side of the orb-like formation. The various tilts of the galactic plane may indicate that the galaxies pictured reside across the entire circumference of the Universe's globe-like formation

NASA's Office of Space Science published in The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics:

Scientists are hesitant to modify the known "laws" of physics–especially something like Einstein's theory of gravity, which has been very well tested over the past century.  But with something as perplexing as dark energy, it is important to leave no stone unturned. Several leading scientists are now investigating the possibility that the most cherished laws of physics may need to be modified. 

It is possible this may signal a new aspect of the law of gravity that Einstein overlooked. (For further information, refer to Chapter 12: Expansion of the Universe.) The inconsistency between two incompatible theories, that of the General Theory of Relativity (the understanding of mass in space) and the Quantum Mechanics Theory the understanding of mass particles on the subatomic scale are reciprocally incompatible. The WIT particle calculations in Chapter 4 may explain the two reciprocally incomatible theories.

The WIT particle mass was calculated by myself as a mass of 7.371963x 10- 48 grams. (Refer to Chapter 4 for calculations and mathematical proof.) The Hubble telescope observations imply that dark matter ether must exist, as only about 4 percent of the mass of the Universe (as an estimate) can be accounted for. The WIT particle existence in Newton's Universe's  sea could be detected by Cerenkov's1 radiation detectors. Look at all of the space between galaxies in the above photo; it certainly is not a void, otherwise  the Universe would collapse and no radiation could traverse its breath.

The Universe's atmosphere is a mixture of many other radiations and gases such as plasma, dust particles, ice, and many chemical mixtures, depending where one measures. But the basic particles of Newton's ether (perhaps dark matter) is the WIT particle. This is the atmosphere light waves navigate. Radiation photons cannot navigate empty space; they must have a medium to traverse. The WIT particle atmosphere of the Universe may make up the elusive dark matter to which so many scientist have referred.

Marusa Bradac of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC), located at the Department of Energy’s Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), has said, "we had predicted the existence of dark matter for decades, but now we've seen it in action." The method that they used made the landmark observations by studying a galaxy cluster three billion light years away. Dark matter, the elusive stuff that makes up a quarter of the Universe, may have been seen in isolation for the first time.

I have viewed the photos that Marusa's team took, and there is some possibilities that the blue light they viewed from the dark matter may be a form of Cerenkov's radiation, as I predicted, which may be able to detect the dark matter of the ether consisting of WIT particles,etc.  I am impessed with their discoveries. In nuclear power plants, Cerenkov's radiation can be see as a blue light in the cooling water, this light is produced by high velocity electrons which travel faster then the velocity of light normally found in water.

Astronomer researcher from Johns Hopkins University Baltimore (James Jee) using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope discovered a ghostly ring of dark matter27 that formed long ago during a titanic collision between two massive galaxy clusters. The ring's discovery is among the strongest evidence yet that dark matter exists. Astronomers have long suspected the existence of the invisible substance as the source of additional gravity that holds together galaxy clusters. Such clusters would fly apart if they relied only on the gravity from their visible stars. Although astronomers don't know what dark matter is made of, they hypothesize that it is a type of elementary particle that pervades the Universe.                                                                                                                                                                     

Regardless of these reported observations, my own thought is that such dark matter expanding rings do exist on a macular scale everywhere in the Universe. Such rings are analogist to Tsunami waves that are caused by giant underwater earthquakes in the Earth's atmospheric oceans.  I would think that they are singular as James Jee has discovered, but could also have a following ring expanding across the ether atmosphere of the Universe. I might also comment that the velocity of these type of dark matter rings (waves) in the particle sea of the Universe can not be measured at this time, and they travel no where near the velocity of a light wave in the ether. One thing these dark matter ring announcements do, is provide evidences that the ether must exist as the particle atmosphere of the Universe.


Webster ’s dictionary definition for a WIT is: "the limit of one's mental resources; also, at one's wits' end," further translated by myself to: that which is the smallest mass particle one can imagine or measure.  Note: the composition of Newton's ether atmosphere of the Universe is the WIT particles. (Refer to Chapter 4 for calculations.) I chose Planck's constant to calculate the WIT particle mass, the motive being, Planck's Time is a measure of the time a wave of UV light in ether takes to cross the distance equal to the Planck Length. Planck length is a measure of the density of the WIT particle ether atmosphere of the Universe. Thus determining the speed of UV light in the ether of the Universe's atmosphere.

The use of the terms dark matter and dark energy are tossed around by physicist and astronomers lightly, but they really mean the particle matter of the Universe's Ether atmosphere.

2.Is the Universe eternal?  Evolution on Earth is building a living thinking, organism, and the Earth does change, improve and repair itself.  This is accomplished through the Universe's inhabitants and structure on Earth (humans, plants, volcanoes, hurricanes, and other living species) directed by the Universe's intelligences. The Universe itself is eternal but constantly changing. One very compelling concept is that all Earth's creatures, including man must breath air supplied by the atmosphere. This then makes man a part of Earth's ecology and also a part of this living organism--the Earth itself. If man leaves the Earth he must bring his environment with him.

Further proof of evolution on a living organism, the Earth, is the Earth's coral reefs. Coral looks and behaves like a plant but is a living organism. If the coral reefs are destroyed by hurricanes, the corals die and turns to rubble; However, the living seeds left behind, newborn life that escaped the destruction, swim back to the rubble and reconstruct new and even greater living coral reefs. 

Within the coral reefs fish, and other life (species) eat each other for food, the same as man does to the food chain. Only man says he is not cannibalistic. This coral life however is living proof that Earth is a living organism and can repair itself, even improve on the passage between life and death, and man is part of this living Earth organism.

3. Was the Universe created out of nothing during a big bang.  Certainly not true, I believe the Big Bang, in some form, did happen about 13 to 15 billion years ago, as scientists have conjectured; however, its origin is clouded with controversy.  It did not create the Universe; however, it probably created the vast section of the Universe which our Milky Way Galaxy's Sun Earth solar system now occupies.  

4. Did a God create the Universe?  If a God did exist to create the Universe, he would have had to be part of the Universe. Therefore, the Universe would eternally exist prior to the Big Bang, or none of us would be here now. This does not prove creation or religious intelligent design (Id) of the Universe by an implied superior being.  Darwinism, however, is not the whole story either, as evolution happened well before Darwin's discoveries, his proven theories being only part of the evolutionary history. Those of us who have had the good fortune of living the past eighty years appreciate that Earth's people, cities, and technology have evolved into a tremendous advance in our civilization within those eighty sum years. Think what ten thousand years can do.

Most of the above mentioned scientific and theoretical arguments are a constant source of questions.  The cry from the many theoretical and scientific experts says, "Prove it."  Go to any online forum on the internet, and one will see how badly divided the world's communities are, with regard to answers to the above arguments.  You would be amazed at the amount of advice an author like me gets from the readers of the forums.  Most people, students, and scientists have been schooled in the concept of experimental proof and constant argument as to any new theory that threatens what they have learned in university, etc. New theories, even if valid, are required to fight the rigid rules of the established groups in science and religion.  Most people on Earth are frozen in their ideas and thoughts and are in a proverbial deep freeze. Only the free thinker is eager to look to new theories about an intelligent Universe.

There are constant theoretical arguments regarding from where Earth, the Universe, and humans come.  The Universe has a consciousness and a particle atmosphere. Earth is also evolving into a living, thinking organism.  Men are a product of Earth's evolution; however, some earthmen may have been in part inbred by a superior being (alien) from who knows where. 

5.What is the origin of life? As scientists look for answers, they have drilled a mile deep into the basalt of the ocean floor observing tiny microbes living on a diet of rock and warmth from volcanic emitting pipes. Life has been found in astonishing places for years. Submarine divers have found huge colonies of weird creatures relaxing in a kind of chemical plethora at the bottom of the ocean's depths, far away from any sunlight. As to whether these weird creatures require oxygen (air) to exist (as humans and most other species do) is questionable.

The theory of the Universe's Intelligent Design via Evolution (UIDE)©, is a guiding means (a road map) of Newton's Universe's ether sea construction and operation. This Intelligent Design (ID) and Intuitive Intelligence (II) is not to be mistaken with the suggested religious version of Intelligent design (Id), which leaves Evolution out of the human enlightenment.  

To further understand the origin of life on Earth through UIDE, scientists have studied where life exists on Earth. For example, microbes have been found in acid flows, in the down vents of volcanoes, in lakes of soda, an on the under side of the polar ice, arranging the planet for the rest of creation. Scientists have detected bacteria living contentedly in high clouds, procreating, some seeding the water vapor and causing raindrops or hail. Who knows what kind of bacteria is then deposited on Earth's land or oceans. These low life forms of bacterial life are contributing to the vitality of Earth. Earth is a living organism.  Bacteria thrives in Yellowstone's hot springs and rocks and at the bottom of Lake Yellowstone. These strange marinelike creatures survive in extreme heat and without oxygen. All these living beings are made from the basic WIT particles and their fabrication by UIDE.  (Refer to Chapter 21.)

I would remind the reader that bacteria also exist in the intestines of men on Earth; and without them in a symbiotic relationship, we could not survive as a species on Earth.  Of course bacteria in the wrong place in man can destroy him, thus a constant war between the two major residents of this Earth. One should not overlook viruses causing DNA programming errors in both species. Earth's human inhabitants, including the millions of other species living in, on, and outside the atmosphere, are in the process of building an interconnected brain network, for Earth's living organism.  

Many scientist, medical doctors, and others have noticed that bacteria seem to be intelligent. When ever man brings up a new medical weapon to fight these nano sized bacteria species, the nano sized bacteria families gain immunity. As their intelligent community fights man, he is shepherd into a never-ending battle. It is my belief that individual bacterial nematodes are individually at a disadvantage, however when an entire community works on a programmed problem collectively, the bacterial families overwhelms man almost every time. The lesson learned is the nano world families may be approaching a degree of cerebral thinking as the earths species of man has. Man therefore only thinks he is superior to all other species. Intellectual capacity therefore exist in two directions, the microscopic (nano technology) and macroscopic space technology.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Evolution on Earth is obvious archeologists have found Lucy's baby' skull in remote Ethiopia  a lower form of man dated as living three million years ago on Earth. Compared to modern babies, Lucy was inferior. The evolution of some of Earth's human like species, certainly has come a long way in brain power since Baby Lucy. This does not mean that all present Earthmen are descendents from Lucy Baby.                                                                                                                                

This manuscript, before it was publish as a book, was written in real time on the Internet, and it set forth a new theory, the Universe's Intelligent Design via Evolution (UIDE). Regardless of how this manuscript proposes to answer the great scientific controversy, many readers believe they know better and confront this argument with, Where are your scientific proofs?  Or, do you expect me to accept it on faith alone? Others will ask, is it logical? Still others will give you a list of what the current scientific formula is for accepted scientific manuscript presentation and theories. These rules of writing are designed to prevent new ideas from surfacing or being published in a prominent journal; however, I am not constrained by them here in.

Small minds will attack the grammar or sentence construction of this theory, completely missing the point of UIDE. UIDE is a road map to future understanding of our Universe's continuation.  Perhaps some reader’s nuance tells us that the human brain still has not evolved enough to understand this reality. In fact one wonders if Earthmen can ever understand. . . .

I have placed this manuscript on the Internet, evolving as I wrote (now published in color in book form). It was written as an electronic Ebook in HTML language, corrected and processed by my understanding, my editor, and my computer's grammar and spelling translations.

I also placed the HTML form of this manuscript (just as the reader now views it as an Ebook) on a three inch CD. This three-inch CD will enable the reader of my book to track the many referenced web articles printed in the book live on the Internet as he reads my manuscript. The HTML version of this manuscript will remain on line until the book version is in book-stores, etc. A free coupon has been placed on the inside back cover that grants the buyer of my book this free Ebook three-inch CD.

We must understand that our Earth languages are subject to nuances, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations. I quote: Re: Machine English Translation: I'm Sick of Waiting. Posted: 09-19-2006, 11:35 AM: on Hypography Science Forum (HSF), 

         Computers are not capable of abstract thought. Machines only can calculate logical conclusions, they cannot imagine and they cannot make conclusions based solely on intuition.

        Human language is complex in all its forms.  English especially so.  As my brother likes to say:  "English is the only language where your nose can run and your feet can smell."  A computer would simply trip over such abstract wording.

        Language involves nearly infinite possibilities, and the meaning is interpreted by the user based on far more factors than just the words themselves.  Native US American English (a different language from British English) and the USA one country where we all speak the same language (in theory, anyway). I have learned enough to know that until we develop true artificial intelligence, complex translations will be beyond the capabilities of computers or programmers. There is simply too much complexity and nuance in any language to be analyzed by the type of linear logic employed by computers. 

I strongly urge the reader to resist the installation of Spanish (or any other language for that matter) into our American vocabulary, lest we not be able to use English as a scientific language. One language for the USA is an absolute requirement for understanding and the eventual interconnection of a living Earth's organism and mind. In fact, one universal language (it may as well be English) is important for interconnecting the evolving living Earth's ID.

In this manuscript I have tried to use American English to best explain my theory of UIDE. It is written in HTML and has been processed by my computers and my editor to get the grammar and spelling more usable to the greatest number of readers. Wherever I have used italics, it means I am quoting from other public domain sources from the Internet. The source data for these quotations is listed in the Reference section.

I have referenced here one person's published thoughts, "InfiniteNow," from "HSF Forum," who says: "If you were to simply preface this comment with, I don't have any solid proof, but I personally believe that... I would not take issue with it.  However, you have stated it in terms of the absolute, and for that I will request you support your statement with evidence beside personally written manuscripts. "  Ubiquitously, as the author, most of my statements are in the absolute, backed up with proof or references to those who are accepted as evidence. With this in mind I would also agree with InfiniteNow from HSF with respect to UIDE.  Some area of this theory may be beyond absolute proof, at our current level of understanding. UIDE is a roadmap giving the reader considerable data to find his way in this difficult theoretical nightmare of language, science, artificial intelligence (AI), Intuitive Intelligence (II), mathematics, and religion.     

The Earth's species (including man's technology) is evolving at an exponential rate. When the Earth's communications structures are networked to an ultimate communication capacity, its scientific community may then be able to accept the proof of UIDE. Then all the Earth's human communities shall have been linked together in a massive brain ID communication network more able to grasp UIDE at work. 

Can there ever be a unified theory of an intelligent Universe via evolution that is accepted as truth by humans?  Do we individual humans even have the brain power to know and understand the Universe's true mechanism? If our brains, through evolution (Refer to baby Lucy), do reach the point when we can handle the vast computations required to understand, how would it affect the human intelligentsia? Just because Lucy lived on Earth three million years ago does not mean all humans now residing on Earth, developed on Earth. I believe that the interconnected brains of millions of humans can better understand UIDE, when connected through an Internet like network, than the individual can.

The Universe may not be as Earthmen now think it is, understanding UIDE may teach otherwise.



Universe's, Intelligent Design via Evolution (UIDE)


The Universe's Intelligent Design via Evolution (UIDE), pronounced U-DE, was first published in HTML live on the Internet. It was changed daily as written. It is a roadmap designed to give man an intelligent hypothesis of how to know and understand the Universe in which he lives and dies. It is understood that as time advances so does data recording technology. It is important to save original data for future recording mechanics. In fact, in the pass fifteen years we have advanced from the VCR tape to the CD and DVD disk. What might be next is a mystery--so hold on to my book.

This was a rare opportunity for reliability in technology with the cooperation of online forums live on the Internet. The Internet enabled my readers to recommend changes to and comments on (fripro1@fripro.com) this manuscript with respect to its content, i.e. technology, theology, science, mathematics, and physics. 

It is a new approach to writing when as the author I was out on the proverbial limb, publishing daily my writings, full well knowing it was not only theoretically incomplete also had grammatical, spelling, and factual errors (which in time were corrected, by all) then publishing it as a  book in full color with photos, graphics, and Internet references.

The many changes, additions, and submissions of ideas from various science reader forums and fellow scientists subjected me, as the author, to writing the manuscript in a constant state of revision. The automatic date and the revision number after the authors name on the on line Rom manuscript's title page helped the online reader to know if it was the latest revision.  Revision #68 marked as the final manuscript. This is the pioneered format by which my publisher received my manuscript.

The UIDE theory explains the construction of the Universe and its conscious intelligent mind (ID) capable of decision-making. It is based on many scientific experiments, discoveries, inventions by the author, theories, and operational tests of others. There are many theoretical and mathematical passageways to UIDE's outcome.  Skeptics question how a Universe have a brain. Well, how then does a human have a brain? Or, one might ask, how can a God have a brain. There is a strong element to conservative thinking in science, and many are influence by religion; thereby there are varied resentments to the principles of the UIDE theory.



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