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LORDS OF THE CRESCENT                                            TOM E. FAIRBAIRN


Sumerian legend tells how a race of Nodian lords came from the Stars, during the Earth's ice age--building their first outpost, at EINAN 45,000 years ago. Warm air pushed across the green foothills, of the Zargos high mountain (in southwestern Asia) ending the Earth's ice age 12,000 years ago. Einan located east of the Great Salt Sea (Mediterranean) and north of the Dead Sea (Red); eventually, evolves as an early Mesolithic town of circular huts. Zwai Chemi Shanidar (a small hamlet) located in the foothills of the Kurdistan mountains--plays an important part in early Earthlings' colonization, of the Earth's fertile land. Here (about 8000 B.C. during the Mesolithic age) legend tells how human town life began on the planet Earth.

Sumerian mythologie said: "The Nodian lords of heaven--the son's of The Creator Anu--were maroon on Earth. Later driven to higher earth, by a great deluge, they settled on a 4558 meter high mountain, south of the famous Mt. Ararat.

        Mt. Ararat

                        Mt. Cilo Dagi

They named this mountain Mt. Cilo Dagi; thereon, the lords built their great capital city Cilo Dagi! Lord King Enki who claimed to Be the son, of the Creator Anu, of man and Earth, ruled this expanding Nodian city with an iron hand. Enki had a daughter named lady Inann (Ishtar) and a younger brother lord Enlil. Many descendants of the lord's family on Earth--who called themselves Nodians--lived in Cilo Dagi. Mostly employed Black troops and their families, populate the city.
Enki borne the Blacks, from the earth of Shinner; furthermore, he brought them to his capital city to serve the lords, and to protect the sons of the Creator--from both Man and animals. Enki and his younger brother Enlil, had constant verbal confrontations, about the value of Man. Lord Enlil detested how his brother used his troops against Man--called Natufians--and he felt sorry for them.
A fragile truce existed between Enki and Enlil. For lord Enlil agreed to serve lord King Enki, as: 'Creator of airspace and communications'. He accepted this second rank position, in the Nodian hierarchy of lords on Earth; however, he never let it be known, if he was discontented with the agreement. Enlil had two adult children, a son Yinurta third in line for the lord-Kingship on Earth, and a daughter Adah who had no rank in the hierarchy.

LORDS OF THE CRESCENT                                          TOM E. FAIRBAIRN 


SHANIDAR Chapter 1 

Our story begins, at the Temple of the Wind (Lord King Enki's summer palace) located on top of snow covered Mt. Cilo Dagi.   

Enki has commanded his brother's son (lord Yinurta) to meet with him, at the temple. Waiting for the lord King's arrival, the mature looking handsome lord Yinurta, paces back and forth, in the giant throne room. His thoughts ramble on, he thinks, I wonder what ugly task he will command me to do this time?

At the far end of the huge beautiful appointed hall, a door opens and lord King Enki enters alone. Yinurta rotates upon hearing the noise of the opening door. He watches the good looking King (his heels clicking loudly, dressed in his best robes, wearing a heavy crown on his handsome head) walk imperiously towards him. Yinurta appears amazed, radiating a glowering intensity; moreover, he stops pacing near the center of the hall.

The lord King impertinently shouts, his voice echoes off the far walls,

"So you did come Yinurta!"

Enki stops walking and smiles: moreover, he calls out facetiously to Yinurta,

"My lord, son of my brother, I am glad to see you again." He raises his right arm, palm forward, in the Nodian salute.

Yinurta stands still--in the middle of the great hall-- he radiates a serene self confidence. A lock of short blond wavy hair, falls over the front of his left blue eye; he hesitates for a moment, smiles, and gives the return salute. "Majesty, it is my pleasure, I salute you--what would you have of me?'

The lord King then walks directly up to him, face to face. He appraises Yinurta again thinking--he has the blond hair and blue eyes, as did all the sons, of his father--Anu. Enki reaches out with his right arm, putting it around Yinurta's broad right shoulder.

Enki's arm feels cold and hard, Yinurta thinks.

There is little that Enki does not know of his brother's son--Yinurta--his past life and accomplishments.

My gracious friend . . .my brother's son. . . your father and I have disagreed about our appraisal of the Earthling's value to we lords on Earth."  The cunning blond haired king smiles, showing a full set of white even teeth. "I have an intriguing, and important assignment for you."

They walk together towards the open door at the far end of the room. The lord King still holds his arm firmly around Yinurta's shoulder, his hand clasped to Yinurta's upper right arm. "You know of my doubts, about Man's worth to us, as they live here on Earth. I have made a mistake, giving the Neanderthal our seed. They must leave us! I will have no more of those Natufians!"

Yinurta astonished turns quickly towards Enki, forcing the King's arm downward. They stand again face to face--eye to eye. He is going to ask me to do an appalling thing for him--Yinurta thinks as he ponders the King' assertion--if it concerns Man I will not do it. I have my own ideas for Man's future. Yinurta face contorts with emotion thinking--I am not prepared for this!

Speaking loudly he said, "How can I do this lord? No one knows who they are, or where they live, for Man is still a nomad. I have heard that he hunts wild animals, with stone, sleeps with sheep, cattle, and dogs. He farms wild crops, and eats dog meat--he smells."

Enki appears headstrong. "Yinurta ... I want you to track down the Earthling's leader, and then bring that Natufian here to me. Take your younger sister (lady Adah) with you."

"What would a son of Creator want with him? Our Historians told me that the Natufians number five million thinking men, living in caves. Surly they would be better--if-- left alone!" Lord Enki appears surprised, clearing his throat he said, "I did not know that Man's numbers are so many! I have been told--that Man's leader, lives in an unexplored cave at Shanidar."

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Yinurta asks prudently. "Where on Earth is Shanidar lord? How would you have us get there? Should we travel by air, omnibus, or. . .?"

Intervening the lord King said, "Take my omnibus, outfit it fully including energy beam weapons and keep me informed. Whenever, you do find this Natufian leader, bring him and his family back here to me at Cilo Dagi--I wish to talk with them."

Yinurta worries for Man's safety. He thinks--Enki does not want to talk with them; however, he has other plans, and I am sure they are not noble.

"Majesty, I will not abuse Man."

Enki appears perturbed, ignoring Yinurta's plea. He said blatantly, "I expect you to do as I have commanded. If you do not carry out this assignment as I require, I must banish you to the other side of the Earth--or worst! Think carefully of my request, for my troops will see to it-- if it is otherwise." He storms out of the throne room (holding on to his crown) leaving lord Yinurta standing there.

Yinurta provoked, contorts his face. He forms a fist with his right hand, and hits his open left hand--hard. He thinks--I will go as Enki commands me; however, I will never abuse Man. I will help Man and by helping him, then (with their help) we lords can return to the heavens--whence we came.

Many suns have passed and springtime arrives, in the ancient Zargos the mountains of Kurd.
30669   A harsh early spring snow storm hits the area. Lady Adah and lord Yinurta plagued by the storm, travel--in the Kings well--outfitted snow omnibus--down the Zab river basin.

Zab river basin

Adah appears confused, looking straight out the front window, of the omnibus she comments, "Do you care to tell me what this mission is all about . . ." She pauses, then changes her approach. "Yinurta, 'tis strange that the lord sends us after Man ? If you find Man's leader, are you going to bring him back to Cilo Dagi ? What will Enki do with him?"

He sympathetically looks into her eyes. "Enki sent us out on this trip, to put pressure on our father, lord Enlil. Father believes that the consciousness of Creator, should be upgraded with in Man. They have been arguing about Man's fate for eons. Before we left the city of the lords, I had the workman install a small energy beam* weapon system 52548on the roof, for protection, from the wild animals. The omnibus' thick tough woven ceramic skin (a bright red) is strong enough to protect us from falling trees, or rolling stones . . ." He pauses horrified. Towards the mountains, out the front window a snow avalanche breaks loose, high up on an escarpment. It slides down a nearby hill side, directly towards them.

She also sees it, bits her lip, and freezes in her seat. Quickly recovering, she does her best to dodge the rolling cascading snow and rocks, making up the large avalanche. Skillfully she manages to steer the vehicle around most of it. A (small part) of the avalanche, hits the snow-conveyance's front end.

The catastrophic avalanche nearly envelops their snow vehicle. Adah appears helpless finding her control keys useless--she nervously rotates her ring, on her little finger. "What do I do now brother? I am no longer able to drive this thing!"

Yinurta appears calm, he answers frivolously, "I am sure that we are near Shanidar Adah! I managed to get a fix on our location, from Mt.Ararat's Nodian satellite, before the omnibus' energy failed! We are southwest of the Great Zab al Kabir river at one degree west and four degrees south, of the Mt. Ararat meridian.

Adah seems ready to leave the machine, "Let us get out of here, lest we may not survive."

"We shall walk to Shanidar. We will find Man's cave, no worry about that," lord Yinurta said prophetically.

Adah sounds calmer, "Where did these Natufian men we seek come from?" She appears curious about the Earthling's creation. 

Yinurta smiles, "Of course Adah you know we came from the Cosmos--the Nodian Solar system; hence, I am happy to tell you everything I know about Man's creation an migration." He continues to gather supplies for their (on foot) adventure. She also helps. He lifts a small supply bag, up on the table, and then ties it tight. He sighs, "Adah, sit down for a moment, I'll tell you what I have heard:

"According to our historians--where these myths originated--Natufian Man (Homo sapiens Neanderthal) came from the Zargos mountain highlands near Shanidar. These sapiens roamed the Earth, for thousands of periods." Later the Natufians migrated from other planets and they also were stranded on earth but they lost all their technical knowledge as they continued to mix with the local homo sapiens.  These men the Natufians, who now occupy Shanidar, are the smartest of the lot here on earth. 

Adah appears surprised, "Did Enki liquidated the Neanderthal!"

"I am afraid he did, how or why I do not know." He is happy to tell her of the lord sons of Anu's origin:

"You must know--the giant satellite located in a parking orbit, above Mt. Ararat--is the only proof we have, that we lords came from the Cosmos (Heavens). Father (Enlil) told me, this satellite is the mother ark of the Nodian lords--when the sons of Anu orbited the Earth. They went down to the surface, and have never been able to reach the mother ark since. It does continue to operate! That is why we need the Natufians!

"Our father Enlil, did convert its use to a (communication and energy) transmission satellite. I have heard him talk to his Father--Anu--in the Cosmos, through the Nodian satellite. Anu called him: 'my son Enlil'."

Adah, appears overwhelmed, "Where did our fathers come from?"

"While in school at the 'Temple of the Wind', I learned of the locus of our home planet. It is located in the region where one of the star clusters orbits the Earth's galaxy, in a parking orbit. This concept is not unlike the ark satelite that orbits the Earth. This huge star cluster

(Known today as M13)

is a veritable horde of stars with planets--including the Nodian solar system (Bernard's Star). This star cluster orbits, way out on the fringe of the Earth's galaxy. It is 24,000 light-periods away from the Earth. If one looks straight up, in the late summer's eve, when the moon is low, over Mt. Ararat, one can see the cluster decidedly. It is the largest visible cluster in the heavens. It covers an area, of the sky, the size of the Earth's moon. Yet with all our knowledge, we lords are unable to reach even our ark satellite, yet alone our home star cluster! I fear there will be no help from Anu the Creator, until we earn his respect." Abruptly changing the subject he comments, "I'm ready to leave--are you?" He points to the map.

"See, here is Tepe Gawya abandoned Nodian outpost nearby. It's half way between the joining of the Zab and the Tigris rivers. Farther northwest, is the cave of Shanidar, on the northern bend of the Great Zab river, at zero degrees of Mt. Ararat's meridian.  I had no idea that we had strayed so far southwest of the Shanidar settlement area!"

She rumbles, "Shanidar is just a core cave, a small community of Natufian men. Each generation of Earth beings for a hundred thousand periods (years) built their living room over the ruins of its former residents. First the Neanderthal (Neanderthal) type, next nomadic stone age Man (CroMagon), then the Natufians."

He places his hand on her shoulder. "Adah. . . it is getting cold in here, we had better put on our survival clothes, and pack our supplies, ready, for any consequence."

"Well what ever!" Adah frowns, "So we walk to Shanidar. . . .

Yinurta points outside the vehicle's observation dome, "We should take our survival gear, outside, and walk towards the northeast mountains nearly obscured by the white-out snow conditions. Several suns walk, we should look for the Nodian outpost of Tepe Gawya however, on the high Shanidar escarpment, we may find other caves."

They both dress for the outside weather (and finished packing their survival paraphernalia) that they thought they could wisely carry. Adah wide eyed, puts her hand to her half opened mouth. "Yinurta! Do not forget our communication medallions, and energy beam tubes.


He takes the devices (Adah reminded him of) from a storage cabinet, and gives (one of each) to Adah. They both place the medallion's chains about their necks, and buckled the hand held--stick like-- beam weapons, to their waist belts.

Yinurta pushes the side exit button, to open the door: however, without power--the door does not budge! He moans aloud--swearing, "To the sun with it!" He knows (the omnibus' energy banks are completely drained).

Yinurta tries to open the door again, but to no avail. Holding the button down, he pushes against the door with all his strength. Somewhat discouraged, he looks up at Adah. "It will not budge!"

Near hysteria sweeps across Adah's face. "We're trapped," she said excitedly, "see . . . how the snow quickly submerges our vehicle, except for the rooftop observation dome!" She fastens her weather suit, and puts on her gloves. She glances at the time piece on the wall--even it quit running.

Yinurta more determined then ever, to get out of the vehicle--placid about leaving the vehicle. "Adah I am sure it is not all that bad." He finds a hand crank near the door; as a result he puts the crank in the door's key slot. He tries to crank the door open. It opens slightly; evidently, stuck against a mixture of dirt, rock, trees, snow and ice.

"Adah! There is just not a large enough opening for me to squeeze out of here--the avalanche has trapped us!"

Adah exasperated asks, "What do we do now? Should we use our beam weapons to get out?" She looks out of the front windshield, and rubs her hand across her breath fogged window. She cleans it off.

"Yinurta we will have to leave--now--or we will never get out, till spring--that is if we shall have been still alive!"

They both look up at the dome; evidently, it is still free of the ice and snow. "Let us blow the dome; evidently, it is still free of the ice and snow. "Let us blow the dome's escape charge, but once we do that, we can never use this omnibus as a shelter, until warmer weather."

Adah is eager to get out of the bus. She picks up her gear and moves towards the dome, "Do it now--hurry!"

Yinurta pulls the escape ring, a loud explosive charge sends the translucent dome high into the air--where it landed, is any one's guess. The wind blows snow into the vehicle.

Adah heads for the exit, with Yinurta's help she pulls herself up, on the hard packed snow and ice, on the top. Confident of her escape, she yells down to him. "Hand up the supplies Yinurta, I can put them out on the hard snow." He passes up their backpacks, and other tools that they had skillfully bundled. "Put on these snowshoes Adah." He hands her two pairs--his and hers.

She sits on the air-conditioning enclosure (barely showing) on the roof of the vehicle, and puts on her snowshoes. Yinurta pulls himself up and out of the bus's observation port's hole, and puts on his snowshoes.

They stand up on the snow packed roof, put their packs on their backs, and studied their plight. He takes her hand, and they walk (on snowshoes) together, down the wind packed snow mound, off the front of the bus, over the top of the avalanche mound, and onto the snow level.

The wind and the snow are ferocious, at their backs. From his transparent head cover, he smiles and waves to his sister.

She looks in several directions, through the white-out, "Which way are we going to go? I can't see a thing!" They walk bent in the direction of their travel, and she sees (through a letup in the snow storm) a large mass before them. She bellows, with a strange smile, "What is that?"


She points her gloved hand, "Over there."

Alarmed, Yinurta said, "Why I don't know! Walk closer." She heads in the correct direction, but the snow hides the mass again. "Which way? Where?"

Yinurta appears amazed, he walks closer, stops, and opens his face helmet, to get a better look at the massive object. The snow storm lifts. "It may be one of our ancient ziggurattemples abandoned at a Nodian outpost, located somewhere in this region near Tepe Gawya."  

Surprised he confirms, "Why it is a ziggurat Adah . . . a Nodian terraced temple"; at the same time, they stop walking several hundred meters from it. "Adah . . look! It has four levels, and the front staircase mounts to each terrace."


Adah looks closer, pointing to the mound, and enthusiastically remarks, "Look Yinurta the ziggurat is built of (bread-loaf) shaped bricks. Each one appears piled on top of another." She walks closer, to the ziggurat, "My, how interesting, each brick makes a perfect fit to adjoining bricks."

"Yes I see!" He points, "Look, the outside walls taper inward, and on the right and left side of the main stairway, I see two more staircases!"

Adah's breath fogs her open helmet, and withers in the cold air. "We can reach the third and forth terrace, by the front stairway--that continues upward.

They walk closer to the front stairway. Each higher terrace (of the mound) is smaller by far, than the terrace below it! There is a small building constructed, on the top terrace level. Drawing*

"I see it!" She looks in the direction that he points. "It must be a temple," she wonders! The small square building, on top, with an open front doorway, had an ornate stone railing, about a cubit high (one meter) about its four sides.

A wedge written inscription--in Sumerian--placed at eye level, on the stairway's wall, diverts Yinurta's attention.

"Adah look here . . this inscription says: 'this great ziggurat mound and temple tower, was built by lord King Enki, to worship Anu, 'Creator of man and Earth'. Anu is our father's Father! The text, I have read to you, may not be the exact translation. It is wedge written in ancient Sumerian. It says it is a ziggurat, built by the Nodian lords, many hundreds of Earth periods (years) ago. It probably was used as a place of worship, communication, or and ark (aircraft) landing pad."

Adah said, "I knew it . . it is a temple. I would like to try our medallion communicators, on top of the temple's roof, to see if we could reach Nodian control, at Mt. Cilo Dagi."

"Wait Adah . . .there is more." He moves his finger across the ancient cuneiform Sumerian text, hewed into the wall. "The inscription refers the reader to the right of the ziggurat, towards the great Pillar Temple dedicated to Nanna (Istar) the tutelary head of Cilo Dagi."

Adah stimulated said, "Another temple? Let us walk closer towards it. We can climb the ziggurat later." They walk awkwardly (downhill) on their snow shoes, to the right of the ziggurat, towards the magnificent Pillar Temple of Ishtar--for the moment the snowstorm lifts.

"It is a beautiful structure Adah!" He pauses . . . "I count eight columns . . ." He walks right up to one of the columns. He rubs his gloved hand, across its surface. "Why they are palm logs (covered with mother-of pearl, pink limestone, and shells) probably with a bituminous binder!" Removing his glove, opening his face plate, he feels one of the cold engaged columns, in the side wall. Startled, he remarks, "Why these pillars are studded with small red, black, and white cones of fired clay. A column must be six cubits across."

Excited about seeing Anu's temple, and the remains of Inanna's temple, Adah asked, "Do you suppose lord King Enki built this temple compound later, for his daughter Inanna?"

"It must be so, as the inscription says, 'dedicated to Istar'." He scratches his head and rubs his jaw, through his open face plate. "I know that lord Enki has a daughter named Ishtar (or Inanna as he calls her) but I am not sure if he dedicated it to her, or her mother--perhaps even somebody else. Ishtar, is the first lady of the Earth's lords."

The snow squalls start again. Adah shivering said, "'Tis too cold and windy, to look through Ishtar's temple now, why don't we go up the ziggurat's stairs, to the top temple. It may be a good place to rest, out of the weather; besides, I like it better then this place. I'm going up there?" Thrilled with her thought she takes off her snowshoes. She drops them, one by one, while running up the middle front stairway, to the temple. The wind has blown most of the steps clear of snow. She stops about half way up, turns around, and calls down to Yinurta. "There must be a hundred steps to climb, to the first level! Come on!" Without further words, she runs up the stairs.

Adah, out of breath, reaches the forth level temple house. The snow stops falling, and the wind calms. She walks inside the small temple (measuring 20 by 30 meters).  She lowers her head to catch her breath. Looking up (towards the Northeast )corner she sees an opening in the temple's brick roof. Scratching her head she thinks for a moment. Once inside the temple room she loudly remarks, "Yinurta, there is no way to reach that small square opening in the temple's roof to get on to the ziggurat's roof. See here, come, I want to show you."

He uses the left outside staircase. Once inside the small temple room--he looks up at the roof. He looks around the room. There is no other entrance or staircase. He scratches his face with his index finger, through his open face helmet.

"How are we going to get up there? It is higher, than your hands can reach, even if you stood on my shoulders."

The interior of the temple is partly filled with snow, in its northeast corner floor. The snow (mostly of ice) has drifted halfway across the center of the room. Adah steps on it. She takes a (four prong hooked) climbing rope off her belt, and throws it up . . . She misses it--several times.

"Here! Let me help you."

Yinurta bends down to the floor, and picks up the hook. He throws it up towards the opening in the temple's roof. It hooks to the inside edge of the roof's opening. "Thanks," Adah lamented, "I planned to pull my self up on the roof, after I hooked the line--I am glad to have your help."

Yinurta appears artificially surprised, "I don't see how you were going to get up there?" Still smiling superficially, he motions with his hand, "Take off your back pack and face helmet, as I have. Put it in that cleared corner."

"I want to try it first." He motions with his hands, "Let me go first Adah, then I can help you over the edge from above."

Relieved, she moves out of the way. Yinurta holds on to the rope, he walks up the snow ice drift, and pulls himself (hand over hand) with his gloved hands, up the rope; eventually, he reaches the edge of the opening, and makes an extra effort. His breath streams into the air, as a ray of sunlight hits his golden blond hair, through the open roof.

Adah standing on the ice drift below, helps push him up. He catches a hold on the roof's edge. With and extra effort, he pulls himself up on the wind swepted, snow covered roof.

"Tie the climbing rope about your waist, Adah." Throwing the rope ends down to her, he pulls her up with ease. The sun floods everything, for many kilometers in all directions.

Adah, looks towards the flooding valley far below, "Look out there to the east, way out there." He points far below. "It is the winding Zab al Kibir river. We don't want to cross that way. We must go up hill, towards the mountains."

"Which mountains?"

"There . . in front of us," again he points, "Out there at least one hundred thousand cubits--a long walk. . . ." He grits his teeth. "It may take several suns to reach the Shanidar cave  straight northeast, of here." He walks to the west side of the temple's roof, and points over the stone rail. "Look way out there, it's the Tigris river. I guess we know for certain, where we are now!"

"Yes! This temple is half way between the Tigris and the Zab river, above the point where they meet, "Brother are you planning to let Nodian Control know where we are!"

"Yes I will try now, that was why you came up here--right?"

Their golden concave medallions, chained about their necks, rested flat on their chest. The medallions were of an intricate design. The medallion's concave shape could focus a satellites ultra high frequency radio wave, on a small antenna, located within its labyrinth design.

He raises his two (outstretched) arms towards Mt. Ararat. He points his golden concave medallion, about his neck, in the general direction of the Nodian satellite--parked in orbit--high above. The medallion picks up the satellite's carrier--he calls loudly, "Nodian control, this is lord Yinurta at Tepe Gawya--my father--can you hear me?" He asked many times, as he points the medallion in a slightly different direction, towards the Nodian satellite, in a fixed orbit--high over Ararat.

A clear male voice emanates from the front of the medallion, "This is Nodian control, greetings lost ones, your father Enlil here. We have a rough fix on your location--at one degree west, four degrees south--of the Mt. Ararat meridian, at Tepe Gawya."

"Greetings my father, my sister Adah is here--we are both fine. We abandoned our omnibus nearby, after depleting our energy banks. A snow avalanche trapped our omnibus. I am positive it would not have started, till warmer weather returned. We are going on to find Shanidar. We are still about our mission, to find Natufian Man, and plan to continue looking for him on foot. We are on the temple's roof at Tepe Gawya."

The thunderous voice of lord Enlil speaks through the small medallion's loudspeaker. "Correct! Our sensors locate your position, in the ancient outpost of Tepe, the center of Gawya. What are your plans my son?"

"When we leave here, we plan to search for the ancient Cave of Shanidar, near the hamlet of Zwai Chemi Shanidar. I pray that we will be able to contact you again, when we find it."

"This is Nodian control, the Shanidar cave is at zero degrees longitude (three point one, six, six degrees) south, of the Mt. Ararat meridian."

Mt.Ararat North of Shanidar

"I am fine Yinurta my son, but the pressure on my conduct here is greater every time mark. It is more difficult for me to explain, to my brother, why you have been gone so long. You had better find Natufian Man, an in a hurry. My fearful brother lord king Enki, wants you to return the Natufian leader and his family here. He threatens to come himself at the head of his troops, if you do not comply. He never did, and never will accept our premise: that Man's intelligence, genetics, and environment will rectify over the millenniums. He has decided that the lords have made a mistake permitting Man's migration to Earth."

"There may be thousands of them father Enlil, how am I going to capture their leader? How can I comply with his orders?"

"You never intended to--did you son?  I bid you good bye my dear Yinurta! Please Adah--help him to see how serious our position is. Give us a beep note every other sun, so we can follow your progress. Nodian control clear."

Adah smiles broadly--obviously elated, "See . . we are not lost, only off course a few hundred thousand cubits!"

"Oh. . . Yinurta, we shall never be able to go back to Cilo Dagi, if we don't follow the lord King's orders." She does not try to talk him out of his plan to save Man. She does not seem to care much about her brother's idea, for saving the Natufians--she worries more about her own discomfort. Her long blond hair takes wing with the wind.  "I wish we could have used a flying ark, instead of our forsaken ground omnibus," she said satirically. "We should have gone home instead of freezing, in this never ending snow storm."

"We would not have been much better off; moreover, we have agreed that ground exploration is necessary--not only to find Man--but required, to save ourselves." Yinurta said loudly.

Shortly thereafter the wind whips up a giant cloud of snow, and nearly knocks them off the temple's roof. Adah went down on her right knee; Yinurta helps her back to a standing position. She brushes herself off complaining, "How many more suns and moons of this must we endure, before we find Shanidar? We will never make it!" Adah chilly and famished remarks, "I'm ready to stay right here. . . in this temple." She is almost childlike, at times.

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  LIST OF GRAPHICS                            (29384) 


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LIST OF GRAPHICS (4) or (29384)

LIST OF GRAPHICS (4) or (29384)

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 1...............................30023

    15 ----------29674..............Land of the Lords (MAP) circa 8000 B.C.

    15A------- 29816 #map of the fertile crescent.............Einan (10,000 B.C) (Map)

    19 ---------- 30405.............Temple of the Wind, on Mt. Cilo Dagi (Photo)

    24 ----------30325 .............The Middle East Circa 10,000 B.C. (Two Maps)

    25 ---------- 30404...............Shanidar

    30 -------#30667..............Home Planet Nodian Lords (Known as M-13

    34 ---------30965 ..............M-13 Star Map (Drawing)

    40 ---------31256 ..............Typical Ziggurat Temple of the Lords (Drawing)

    51 ---------31775.............. Mt. Ararat meridian respect to Shanidar (Map)

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 2...............................31995

    62 ---------32298 ...............Shanidar's, (snow covered) escarpment (Photo)

    68 32559 Map of the Fertile Crescent (Green area) (Map)

    73 32771 Pictograms Catal Huyuk 10,000 B.C. (Drawing)

    82 33112 Location of--Fertile Crescent (the Zargos) (Map)

    83 33186 The Sahara Rain Forest (Map)

    110 34319 The land, we call Endin or Abyss ("Eden") (MAP)

    111 34393 The land, Endin (Gihon River, Enlargement

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 3...............................352

    135 35266 Satellite over twin-peaked Mt. Ararat (Photo)

    150 35836 Crossover (X) (MAP) 155 36057 The ancient site of Gaugamela (MAP)

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 4................................364

    169 36644 Tepe Gawya (Map)

    171 36763 Ziggurat (Drawing)

    Page NO. FRAME  NO CHAPTER 5................................37465

    208 38016 Middle East Circa 5-8,000 B.C. (Now Iraq)



    209 38085 Middle East Villages 5,000 B.C.


    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 7..............................40

    265 40915 The beauty and greatness of Cilo Dagi,

    (the King's palace) (Dra

    273 41431 Photo of the ancient Zargo mountain chain, with twin peaked (5648 meter Mt. Ararat)

    283 42013 The Crossover (X) (Map)

    285 42194 Catal Huyuk, Cave Paintings, 10,000 B.C.

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 8.............................42309

    290 42559 Sites along Tigris and Euphrates River

    310 43648 The lords' city Cilo Dagi (Drawing)

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 9............................43648

    315 43908 Einan (now Jerico) (Map of Location)

    330 44486 The--tower of towers (Drawing)

    334 44723 Sippar (Map of location) Riverine Wilderness

    362 45682 City's water supply aqueduct, past the monorail station (The City of Cilo Dagi

    385 46515 This island universe, we know, as--the Galaxy. (the Leviathan Space Trek (LST)

    401 47131 'Beginning of the end' (For the Nodian City)

    402 47214 Cilo Dagi's Aqueduct, Water System's Building

    405 47366 Cilo Dagi's (Volcano erupts) and the Zab River

    409 47563 Complete destruction Mt. Cilo Dagi

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 10..........................47734

    414 47840 On the river, towards the Crossover (X) (Map)

    416 48068 The prospering village of Jerico (Einan) (Map)

    418 48211 Bediha (Map)

    423 48476 Faiyum, located on the White Nile river (Map)

    447 49379 El' Arma Stronghold

    496 51124 Nekhen, on the Nile flood plain (Map)

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 11 No Illustrations.509

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 12..............................515

    514 51802 Memphis, in lower Pharaoh (Egypt)

    Page NO. FRAME NO. CHAPTER 13..............................52257

    526 52312 Earth--be divided into five zones. (Photo)

    530 52460 (Mathematical equation) Riddle (ON LINE ONLY) Mass-Wave formula