Cross your eyes if you do not have a stereo viewer



 Below a later view of Hubble's deep space Synthetic Stereo Photo 

Cross your eyes if you do not have a stereo viewer  (at arms length for best view)                                                                                                      



HUBBLE (NASA) ULTRA DEEP FIELD STEREO (Place the two gold galaxies at right upper 2/3 of photo in you cross-eye's view and witness a most remarkable deep space of the Universe. (For further viewing brightness while viewing, for full depth penetration move the Vertical scroll of your computer, up and down.)  

The startling view reveals swirling concentric vortexes with increasing circular diameters on what might be a portion of a transparent swirling globe, almost like hurricanes on the earths oceans, detected by the red shift that is seen everywhere in the photos. 

Note the eye or black-hole like void is seen in the center of the photos. This photos imply that the Universe even extremely larger than anyone has to date predicted. Above Stereo design by Thomas Edward Fairbairn, (Feb.15 2008) via NASA' Hubble images rc .(USE the F11 key on you key board for full length view).

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Another view in synthetic stereo of the visible Universe by  Fripro and Modest of the HYPOGRAPHY SCIENCE FORUMS  Original photo by Hubble of NASA is on the left compared to the right stereo of Modest of HSF. The left photos are in one photo from NASA the right (two in one are from Modest on the HSF) To see the stereo Universe as I see it  cross you eyes between the left and the (single two photos of Modest) cover the far right thirds photo as it is not required. 

Note: some computer screens have not the wide aspect ratio so the photos will show above each other thus stereo is not viewable.




I must again point out the following observation that I have made on many Hubble Deep space photos above....

The Red or cooler masses (galaxies/stars) are red shifted away from us, so therefore moving to the left of the Stereo photo. 

The Blue stars (much hoter and perhaps also shifting as a blue shift to a higher frequency thus moving towards Hubble.

The white stars, galaxies etc. are in the background some possibly being seen through a transparent Universe seen with all radiations in the electromagnetic frequency/wave lengh scale from 1Hertz to Gama waves. 

They are mostly white and at this point on the back side of the Universe's rotation. As the Universe rotates red shifts away from Hubble through white to blue. Where the blues on the right come toward Hubble.

Many white's (stars galaxies etc) are much farther away then they have been measured, because they are on the back side of the rotating transparent Universe--if this Hypothesis is reasonable.

If all known bodies rotate from the microscopic to the macroscopic (including the electron, the Earth, the paths of comets about the Sun. Why should the Universe be any different in the scheme of the Universe's design?

Looking again at the synthetic stereo photos above (right or wrong) how could anyone continue to believe that the Big Bang created the Universe in 13.x m years out of the infinite void--even Pluto agrees to this.

Latest report by NASA: Quote: NASA has announced that when the Hubble telescope is aimed at the distant Universe towards 13.5 billion years, that there is no visible light, this means that red and blue dominate the received distant light. I again ask could this be a possible indicator that the Universe is rotating as, red means Doppler shifted away and blue means Doppler shifted towards the telescope view? 

This implies that when one looks in the direction of the Universe's rotation they would see a red shift and in the rotation towards the viewer on would see blue shift. Thus with no visible light it can suggest that the Universe rotates. In fact the Hubble telescope keeps its position via gyroscopes in X, Y, and Z plane!  FRIPRO