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        Deep space stereo-like photo  Hubble Telescope The eternal Universe   .   

     Gas (no tuned circuits) Ionic Oscillator #2,607,897

     Mass-Wave formula          Fairbairn's hypothesis formulae. 

      R .F .Ion-Plasma (Laser) Space Engine  

     R   F. Energy beam directed into a quartz glass tube.

    Terrence Sherman VP Operations/Marketing  

     Thomas Edward  Fairbairn, President (FEC)


RF ION-PLASMA SPACE ENGINE (Patent based on Fairbairn's  Laser-Radio Frequency Energy Beam R System ) Thank you NASA for testing it in space



This type of  mass/wave radio frequency RF ion propulsion engine has operate in space in 2001 successfully by NASA, sending mass wave particle beam into space. Refer to: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/glenn/about/history/ds1opseq.html Fairbairn's laser Energy Beam also has mass/wave propulsion, under the same operating conditions.  REFER BELOW FOR DIFFERENT VIEWS/USES/APPLICATIONS. Note in the middle seventies our patent attorneys notified NASA they are infringing on our patents for the above. NASA letters side stepped the issue as usual.

Space operated Non-Atmospheric Helium Energy Beam Mass Wave Engine: (Refer to R.F. Energy beam directed into a quartz glass tube or the ceramic tube below. Demonstrates that many other gases can be introduced into the Laser Energy beam: Example Brown's Gas. Refer to experiments at: 

The main difference is Tesla 's electrode is in a vacuum chamber, my nozzles permit atmospheric operation. Refer to:    http://www.tldm.org/news4/Tesla'sRayGun.gif   Again FAIRBAIRN POINTS OUT THAT HIS ENERGY BEAM NOZZLE DECLARATIONS TO THE US Patent office CLAIMS:" the only means that I know of that directs a high  powered high current electron beam operating directly into the atmosphere". 


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 I have long researched stereographic photos and here is one that I would like to share with my readers. 

 The Universe's deep space stereo-like photo

           To view cross your eyes and place the beams over each other. The photo is enlarged to view it up close. Also you can print the above photo on high gloss photo paper and place in a stereo viewer.           

Building the early foundations for the Dial Up Internet:    INTERNET Other inventions:

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Building the early foundations for the "Dial Up" Internet . Above First Transmission of an Engineering Change Notice ECN for the Atlas Guidance Computer.  This ECN was originated in Detroit Michigan by Thomas E Fairbairn, transmitted via "Dial UP" phone line to Paoli Penn , then signed and retransmitted back to Detroit authorizing a change in the Atlas Guidance Computer Manufactured in Detroit Mich. Utilizing Direct Dial up via Patent 3,227,243  May 26 1961

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Even in 1961 This screen photo transmission via direct dial up May 26 1961 was very clear NOTE : Push "F 11"  Key gives full page view

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Many other "dial up" transmissions were made in the early 60's one such transmission and reception was made between Motorola New York City from Detroit Mich via direct "dial up phone" line via the Fairbairn telephone adapter.  

Motorola after receiving a communication from Fairbairn in Detroit direct "Dialed Up" from Fairbairn transmitted back to him: "Congratulations Tom Fairbairn Pioneer". Below is another type of memo transmission:


Prior to this time AT&T would not permit  "direct dial up" as they believed the lines and switching would not transmit  such excellent photos and data etc. Also they had a good 'leased line' business, and tied down all office desk's to their phone equipment. They would not permit phones to even be moved from desk to desk!

Fairbairn made many other transmissions and receptions via "Dial Up" between Detroit Mich and Vandenburg Air Force Base, Montgomery Alabama, Paoli Penn and many other cities. Fairbairn made many transmissions of emergency T.C.T.O's to and from Detroit to various field locations via "dial up" in the early 60's

A stereopticon view of the UNIVERSE by Thomas Edward Fairbairn    (NASA Photos)             

                                            Click here for the  LATEST Deep space stereo-like photo Feb 15,2008 : "NOTHING IS, WHAT IT SEEMS  -HING SEEMS, Stereo picture designed by Thomas Edward Fairbairn from NASA deep space Universe Photos by Hubble telescope 


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 Some of the above patent's .Photos are displayed below on this web site.


For reference only US PATENT OFFICE LIST SINCE 1780  click TO:TABLE of CONTENTS TOP of the PAGE   or left click the BACK key

Gas (no tuned circuits) ionic oscillator #2,607,897


The following patent # 2,607,897  (Oscillator) a unique, pure very stable sine wave, (Figure 3a,click on photo for larger clearer sine wave photo) stable oscillator was granted to Thomas E. Fairbairn . Here is the patent data on this interesting invention. It probably falls into the class of Maser, Laser, or ion Plasma resonance. Left is a photo of the ion plasma gas tube oscillator. [shown here, BELOW another oscillator having  an anode,cathode,and a grid in a gas mixture [(i.e.)argon,or mercury vapor (Like the old Thyatron 884 tube) which permits frequency  modulation of its output] The key to the oscillations is, there is no requirement for tuned circuits , as the gas provides the output sine wave, when a voltage (DC battery) is applied across the gas tube.




1. NOTE : Push "F 11"  Key gives full page view       This phenomena has been long overlooked by the electronics and physic industry! And maybe the theoretical physics people.


Argon gas diode oscillator


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Ion plasma oscillator (Mercury Vapor Diode) click on photo above for clearer (SINE  ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE) photo.

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  Actual glass argon/helium ionic oscillator  designed and built by Fairbairn,  T.E. 3/15/2001                                           

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Figure 8 above shown a chart of the operational capability of the ionic oscillator From a typical commercial 6Q5 gaseous triode tube. The output is always a sine wave for mercury vapor gas tubes. The highest output frequency and RF voltage is around 875KC (sine wave) at 1.4 volts. The output falls of radically as the grid current is increased to over 2.4 milliampers. Note: Further wave forms of the Ionic Oscillator Outputs shown below: Proof that ionic radiations emitt from gas without tuned circuits.

NOTE: ALTA VISTA RANKS THIS OSCILLATOR WITH THE BASIC ELECTROMAGNETIC OSCILLATORS DOWN THROUGH HISTORY: LOG ON AT:   Alta vista electromagnetic oscillators photos    (contains two photos and data on this ionic oscillator, sinewave.jpg
783x460 67.5kB ,   ionosc1b.jpg455x239 12.5kB)


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Oscilligraph photos show a gated square wave on the bottom of both photos (applied across  the grid and cathode of the operational 884 mercury vapor thyratron gas tube) triode ionic oscillator shown in fig.27.  The top output shows high frequency narrow pulse train generated with in the 884 gas tube (ionic triode oscillator). As the square wave is widen (narrow on the left photo, and widen on the right). It permits the number of gated narrow band pulses to increase in proportion to the gated width applied to the grid and cathode connection in the circuit  above. (The number of cycles of each pulse is the start of the sine wave shown in the curve below (fig. 3a,and graph figure 8 above) The sine wave is stopped in it tracts, as the number of waves permitted to be generated. (CLICK on Fig 3a)  





Sprayed: Electrical Circuits, On Steel Plates -Beams.  Patent number:  3,607,381    Thomas E. Fairbairn:

This patent utilized Plasma Spray to place conductive high current coatings on steel plates, beam, etc. The base is Meco Plasma sprayed with ceramics coatings then a template is placed in place on heavy steel (illustration 1/4 inch thick) plate . The illustration and photos demonstrate the technology. (For further information refer to Patent 3,607.3

First photos shows chip mounted on very high current copper circuit

Second photo shows chip mounted on  the other side of the same steel coated plate copper circuit

Third  photo shows thickness of the same steel coated plate copper circuit. The breakdown voltage is quite safe for 110- 220 vac high current circuit. (Note circuit sprayed copper can be varied so that some copper can serve as resistors, other as capacitors etc.TO:TABLE of CONTENTS TOP of the PAGE

Circuits have been spray on both sides of the steel plate.TO:TABLE of CONTENTS TOP of the PAGE

Mass-Wave formula was constructed by Thomas Edward Fairbairn: of Maumee Ohio, Westland Michigan and Toledo Ohio to prove:

Mass Wave formula was Submitted by Tom Fairbairn as backup data, for The Energy Beam Nozzle, Electronic Flame Nozzle Patent disclosure and Ionic gas oscillator, and the Historical Sci-Fi Novel "Lords of the Crescent and other technologies and manuscripts placed on this web site. The BOOK, UNIVERSE'S INTELLIGENT DESIGN via EVOLUTION To be released in Jan 2009 Dorrance Publisher Co. " ISBN 978-0-8059-7684-7

 INVENTION PHOTOS CONTINUED:                                                      


SOLID STATE SELF RESETTING (TIMED) COHERER Invented by Thomas Edward Fairbairn 2005-08

Operates in electrical circuits, in the range of-- micro, milli, amperes (DC or AC) range., self resetting: Copyright Reserved                TO:TABLE of CONTENTS TOP of the PAGE

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Format and Design of this Internet Interactive Electronic Book (IIEB), and diskbook3.5, are a copyright of Thomas E . Fairbairn; all rights/international reserved 


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               CV OF THOMAS EDWARD FAIRBAIRN of Springfield Township, Ohio USA, Metro Toledo Ohio USA

Thomas Edward Fairbairn has had an amazing career, which has given him the background to write real historical science fiction, giving credibility to his published eBooks,and  paper back book, "Lords of the Crescent, an his mass /wave formula and theory". His formal education having attended or graduated from many different schools, from technical high school (electricity), Several Naval Radar and Electronic schools, i.e. Chicago Naval Armory (basic electronics); Texas A&M Naval EE and RM school graduate. Treasure Island Naval advance Radio and Radar school, Marine Radar Schools Camp Laguna NC; and the University of Toledo, College of Engineering (Physic-Math major 4 years) 

Tom's career after formal education included, serving in Endicott NY as an IBM Student  Customer Engineer on (punch card) data processing equipment. Also served in New York City on the technical staff for the WCBS television station and CBS network. He also served North American Aviation, as radar and electronic flight line technician for F86 D interceptor aircraft. at LA International Airport. Then employed by the University of Michigan's Willow Run Research Center, as technical assistant, on the first  BOMARK missile computer.

Then on to Burroughs Corporation Detroit as head of the Military Field Research Division (seven years) for Computer operated guided missiles( Atlas)  and radar data acquisition computers at Both US (Cape Carnival launch site, Vandenburg Calif., and German Air Defense Networks) . While at Burroughs he invented and put into operation the first Direct Dial Up transmission of photos and text via the standard phone lines and network connection utilizing his telephone adapter U.S. patent  number 3,277,243 (a first early internet device in 1961~also laying claim to the Father of the Dial Up Internet.

He then moved on to North Electric Galion Ohio, where he headed a US Air Force electronic switching systems government Field Research Project including Publications Manager. Moving on to General Dynamics in Rochester New York as project manager for the Under Ground Pentagon's electronic switching center for the Joint Chief of Staff (Including publications, project manager, design, and field service). He holds 18 US and foreign patents, several current disclosures to the patent department, and he served seven years as Sr. VP for research for Sirius and Fairbairn Research McGreggor Lane Sylvania Ohio a company formed on his patented inventions in the energy field.

He also worked as consultant to various companies i.e. Williams Research, Wald Lake Michigan (where he wrote technical manuals on the Cruise Missile Engine) .

Later he help write the Bendix Ann Arbor's technical publication for the Air Forces secret Emergency Rocket Communication System. He then formed his own corporation in Westland Michigan, Fairbairn Research, Innovation and Development Corporation (FRIPRO). Now  Fairbairn, T.E (FRIPRO) Springfield Township Ohio serving the public in PC Computer help, eBook publications and theoretical Physics research, and serving as president of Fripro Energy Corporation, Maumee Ohio 43537. 

He designs and operates his own (and other's) web sites which carries many of his accomplishments and services, including the first complete (full length Historical Science novel) eBook on line, this book "Lords of the Crescent", still airs on line (in part) today. His laboratory and corporate offices are located in Springfield Township Ohio.

Other publications he invented, wrote and published are: "Solar Fishpond" (How to Build, Operate, and Maintain - a first VCR Video Book)  Inventing the first (and only) Interactive Laserdisc Video Book for Television "Lords of the Crescent" published on 12 inch CAV Laserdisc. Pioneer label. Published, invented Ion Plasma Oscillator patent # 2,607,897  (Oscillator), and wrote Ion Plasma Oscillator theory of operation listed Detroit Library R654.122 F15i Numerous Energy Beam and Electronic Flame-plasma technology patents have been awarded to Fairbairn-world wide.

Tom Fairbairn was awarded the 1975  I-R 100 New Product award  winner of the year by Industrial Research Magazine for Portable Energy Beam system, during a recession economy year. He also receive the INPEX X! 1995 Silver Medal award for Interactive Laserdisc Electronic Book (ILEB). (The worlds largest International Invention/New Product Exposition in Pittsburgh PA USA.  In 1977 Fairbairn's Energy Beam was utilized by Motorola Inc. for Deposition of Silicon via plasma vapor deposition for Photovoltaic energy conversion. Published in the Proceedings of the Sixth International conference on Chemical Vapor Deposition volume 77-5 by K.R.Sarma et el. His latest  Scientific Historical Novel (Lords of the Crescent) has been published, in paper back, by Air Leaf Publications Bookman) ISBN number 1-59453-873-5  

.Tom's next full length reference book to be published in color Jan 2009,  "The Universe's Intelligent Design via Evolution! (UIDE)" the Wit Particle. ISBN 978-0-8059-7684-7 publisher Dorrance Publishing. Also pre-released manuscript, on  DISKBOOKc,both  available at Amazon Book Stores after Jan 2009RETURN TO OUR HOME PAGE



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