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This page is set aside to show flowers type plants comparing one treated and one not-treated with Plant Plasma Solution (PPS). 

PPSTMC and its generator is Manufactured by FRIPRO Energy, LLC of Maumee Ohio, USA

         If you have a yellowing or dieing flower or vegetable plant try Plant Plasma Solution it should return them to health in most cases.

PHOTO #1  Above Photo taken July 1,2012, PPS treatment started on a hybrid (SUPERTUNIA) Petunia  seedling at Fripro's Maumee Lab. The same volume of Plant Plasma Solution was poured into the above plant itself,  daily. About two ounces of PPS per day! High heat index.(DRY and over 103 F.)

PHOTO #2  Sunday July 1 2012, no Plant Plasma Treatment just water and the elements. High heat index. (DRY and over 103 F.) 

Note: both plants and their cement earns were subject to and intense rain/hail storm on July 1, 2012 for at least two hours. 

Both Plants and their flowers were in a wilted mass. The next day July 2, 2012  the Plant Plasma Solution (PPS) photo #1 recovered fully the non-treated plant looks like Photo # 2 above.

Photo #3 (Tomato Plants) germinated in Solution in Egg cartons indoors, then Bonnie Best Tomatoes planted in Tennessee outside, now doing fine. Garden soil, by Terrence Sherman Kingsport Tn. Germinated with Plant Plasma. Developed into great tomatoes for the whole season, very healthy. No fertilizer or water . When the plant reached full growth there was a great harvest of full grown tomatoes





Photo #3 Below of  Norfolk Pine Tree gardening soil indoors, 

PHOTO # 4 March 24, 2013 Norfolk Island Pine Australia (Often used as dwarf Christmas tree presents). This tree nearly died, its branches snapped off at the slightest touch. Misting the tree with 30ppm Plant Plasma Solution help stop this breaking and adding the PPS solution to the plant's soil started new growth. 

One month later PPS was by Injection into the main root ball in three different places with 100 ppm Plant Plasma Solution March 24, 2013. New photos will show up in the next photo in about two weeks. 

NOTE: Norfolk Pine is grown in a volcanic tropical island of the coast of Australia. Requires acid soil (LOW pH). Plant Plasma Has a High pH) but if the plant and soil treated are different, the Pine tree will grow and suvive.

Note: The height in inches on the ruler in the background of the tree's photo at 18 inches.

PHOTO # 4a May 28, 2013 TRANSFERRED TO LARGER POT OF AVERAGE SOIL The limbs of the pine tree needles no longer fall off when shacked or snapped as it did in March, it was almost dead in MARCH 2013. 

It is now healthily and growing with new growth at the ends of each branch (normal for Norfolk Pine trees) Treated only with 30 ppm  3 oz.  Plant Plasma Solution per day and every two week or so with 70 ppm 2 oz each. 

Note photo # 4A will enlarge (twice) by clicking on the photo also moving let to right etc. One then can see a close-up of any section and how healthily it has become! Note that the upper left branch is at the left top of the photo off screen!

PHOTO # 5 The original Plant Poinsettia as a gift in Feb 2013, starting to loose its red leaves and perhaps die?

PHOTO #6 Taken April 27, 2013 after planting in a very large 1/2 filled soil, pot

PHOTO #7 Taken May 27, 2013 Poinsettia plant (refer to Photo #5). Treated only with Plant Plasma Solution about four ounces 35 ppm every evening and 30 ppm misted on the leaves so they would not dry out in the home lack of humidity, once injected right down into the root ball 3 ounces 75 ppm. There never was tap water or fertilizer treated. It is setting indoors in a bay window facing south.

Click on PHOTO #7 above for very close view of a very healthy Plant (Enlargement twice and click on photo to come back, and Back. 

PHOTO #8 June 18 2013 Poinsettia on 30 ppm Plant Plasma Solution, note growth from May 27, 2013, PHOTO # 5. The original Plant Poinsettia as a gift in Feb 2013, no water or fertilizer, just sitting in the bay window inside home.

PHOTO #9 Feb 2013

Now (Same plant) PHOTO #9 Sept. 14, 2013


PHOTO #9 Left Sept. 14, 2013.          Middle Oct. 15, 2013 Click on Photo at any point.   Right  11/14/13

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